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      Fuse holders/Fuse blocks FAQs
        Does Littelfuse offer Class L fuseblocks?
        No - No fuse manufacturer offers Class L fuse blocks. Class L fuses are bolted directly on buss bars or used with bolted-pressure contact switches.
        What is the purpose of fuseblock's rejection feature?
        A rejection feature is used to prevent fuses with a lower voltage or interrupting rating (such as Class H and Midget fuses) from being used in a circuit that needs a higher rating. Class R and CC fuseblocks incorporate a built-in rejection feature while Class J and T blocks reject based on physical size.
        Will Class CC fuses fit in Midget fuseholders?
        Yes - Class CC fuses will fit into Midget fuseholders however Midget fuses will NOT fit into a Class CC holder due to the block's rejection feature.
        How can I find out which fuse block or holder I can use with any of your fuse series?
        The attached file is a cross reference of the appropriate fuseholder or fuse block that can be used with any Littelfuse brand fuse series.

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